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male dentist with tablet pc and woman patient
Published by East Kildonan Dental
April 5, 2024

The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups: How Preventive Care Can Save Your Smile

Learn why regular dental checkups are critical to maintaining good oral health. This article covers the importance of preventive dental care, how it can save your smile, and what you can expect during a routine dental exam.
Alzheimers And Gum Disease
Published by East Kildonan Dental
March 17, 2024

Alzheimer’s And Gum Disease

Could there be a potential link between Alzheimer's and gum disease? Scientists are considering just that. Read on to find out more.
Published by East Kildonan Dental
March 17, 2024

Bruxism & Teeth Grinding

How do bruxism and teeth grinding impact your dental health, and how can you prevent that? Learn more here!
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