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When you’re missing teeth, dentures can be a viable option.
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At East Kildonan Dental, we're here to care for our patients throughout their entire lives. And, when patients have heavily deteriorated or missing teeth, dentures are one way to maintain oral health and quality of life.

Dentures are artificial teeth created by your dentist to replace natural teeth. Depending on your needs, there are several types to choose from. Our expertly trained Winnipeg dentists will assess your oral health, your budget, and your goals to determine what type of dentures may be most appropriate for you. In preparation for your consultation, here’s some information about the different denture services East Kildonan Dental provides, including complete and partial dentures, permanent dentures, and immediate dentures:

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, often shortened to "partials" or "removable dentures", replace one or more missing teeth and are perfect for patients who still have some natural teeth remaining. Natural teeth act as anchors for partial dentures, which may be kept in place with tiny clasps. Partial dentures are completely removable, making cleaning and care easy. If you’re considering partial dentures, rest assured that one of our dentists will create a custom partial denture for your mouth with the utmost skill and kindness.

Full Dentures

Full dentures, also known as "complete dentures" or "false teeth", replace all of the teeth in an arch (upper or lower jaw). If you have very few or no healthy, natural teeth remaining, you will likely be looking at full dentures. The process of getting full dentures involves your dentist taking careful moulds and measurements before extracting any remaining teeth. Then, approximately eight to twelve weeks later (after many try-ins and finalizations), patients are fitted with their new Complete dentures. Complete dentures help you get back to normal by supporting facial muscles and improving the ability to bite, chew, and speak. They also improve the aesthetics of your smile!

Complete dentures are typically held in place with an oral adhesive as well as suction. If a patient finds that their dentures aren’t staying in place, complete dentures may be another alternative.

Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are affixed to dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium screws that are surgically inserted into a patient's jaw to act like the root of a tooth when one or more teeth are missing. Permanent dentures are implant supported dentures, which consist of an implant supported post for each missing tooth. They are not easily removable and function exactly like real teeth. Though there is a period of healing necessary between the initial implant supported dentures surgery and the placement of the dentures, the whole process usually only takes about four to six months. If you’re looking for a denture option that will be as much like your natural teeth as possible, implant supported dentures may be right for you. Booking a consultation at East Kildonan Dental will allow one of our skilled and professional dentists to provide you with more information.

Immediate Dentures

When teeth are extracted in preparation for full dentures, it will take up to six months for your mouth to completely heal and be ready for conventional dentures. In the meantime, East Kildonan Dental will provide you with immediate dentures. As the name implies, immediate dentures are ready immediately after the extractions have taken place (often even on the very same day). Though they may require some adjustments as your jaw and mouth shift, immediate dentures allow you to maintain your facial aesthetics and normal diet while you wait for your mouth and tissues to heal. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team of dentists will do everything possible to ensure your immediate dentures are fitting comfortably during this period of time.

Denture Repairs

At East Kildonan Dental, we offer comprehensive denture repair. We understand that you rely on your existing dentures every single day and that regular maintenance is necessary to ensure tip-top function and keep your smile sparkling. Replacement teeth may need repairs for a variety of reasons: They may experience wear and tear due to the stresses of normal daily activities like chewing and speaking; they may become loose due to progressive bone loss in your jaw; or they may accidentally get broken in any number of circumstances, including while being removed or cleaned. If you find that your dentures aren’t looking or feeling quite the way you would like, make an appointment at our clinic, and one of our experienced dentists will take all the time necessary to get your mouth feeling great again.

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At East Kildonan Dental, we understand that the prospect of dentures is challenging for many patients and requires a lot of thought and preparation. That is why we welcome you to our Winnipeg denture clinic with kindness, professionalism, and a commitment to answer all of your questions, provide all the time you need, and support you every step of the way. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started on the road to a happier mouth. Call 204-661-2614 or book online today!
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