Dr. Supinder Lotay

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Dr Supinder Lotay

Dr. Supinder Lotay

Dr. Supinder Lotay (Supi) was born and raised in Winnipeg, in a year he has never admitted to and never will. He went to the world renowned University of Manitoba where he graduated dentistry in 2004. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry however, is particularly keen and interested in Root Canal Treatment, Crown and Bridge and Cosmetic Veneers.

He has the same belief as the other dentists and staff at EKD; Our Patients are our Family. He is very understanding and he and his team try their best to make the dental experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible for all patients.

He has a beautiful and unbelievably patient wife, Dav, and two amazing but high maintenance young children, Viren and Ria (who prefer to be called Spider-man and Black Widow). He loves to see patients of all ages and especially those that are as cool and hip as he “thinks” he is.

When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family (his wife said this had to go first), going to Winnipeg’s amazing restaurants, watching the JETS with whom he has an unhealthy emotional attachment to, going to crossfit (cause sometimes you just gotta go), having massages after those classes, travelling, and helping other people and patients plan their vacations. He also loves to work on his favorite hobbies which include “Netflixing”, working on his music (a grunge meets 90’s hip hop vibe) and writing entertaining bios at a nominal fee.

Dr. Supinder Lotay is a Punjabi speaking dentist and is also fluent in English, French and Hindu.

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