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Published by East Kildonan Dental
April 18, 2024

Are You Worried You Won't Be Numb Enough For Your Procedure?

A common dental fear is that patients won’t be adequately numb before a procedure. But how does local anaesthesia work, and is it possible to be resistant to it?
Published by East Kildonan Dental
April 10, 2024

What Are The Signs Of Tooth Infection?

Concerned that you might have a tooth infection? A root canal in Winnipeg can remove infected tissue and prevent the loss of your tooth.
Published by East Kildonan Dental
April 6, 2024

Veneers vs. Dental Bonding: What's The Difference?

You want to improve your smile, but which option is right for you: dental bonding or veneers? We’ve listed the main differences between them to help you decide.
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