Winnipeg Dentures

We’re here to care for your oral health throughout your whole life. When teeth are heavily deteriorated or missing, you may need dentures in order to stay healthy. We can help! There are two different kinds of dentures available: partial and full. Both kinds are custom-made with state-of-the-art technology to fit your mouth perfectly and will look like natural teeth. We’ll assess your oral health, give you options, and help you understand denture care. 


Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, often shortened to “partials”, are perfect for people who still have some teeth in place. We can use these teeth to anchor the dentures; clasps on the dentures attach to your healthy, natural teeth. Partials are a great option for people whose teeth might not be healthy enough to support bridges. Patients with teeth healthy enough to support bridges might still opt for partial dentures - they’re typically less expensive than bridges. 


Complete Dentures

sometimes called “false teeth”, are for when you’re missing all of yours, or when you’re missing some teeth and the rest of your teeth are compromised beyond repair. Your mouth will be carefully modelled to ensure they fit perfectly. Any remaining teeth will then be removed.

You’ll receive two sets of complete dentures. The first set are called “immediate dentures”. The mouth can take some time to heal after teeth have been removed - up to six months. Your immediate dentures will see you through the healing process while still giving you the opportunity to eat your food normally. During the healing process, the shape of your jaw and gums may change somewhat; we will readjust the immediate dentures if the need arises.

The second set of dentures, called conventional dentures, will be finished when your mouth has fully healed. These dentures will last you for years and should not require frequent adjustments.


Other Mouth Dentures

Sometimes, when people are having trouble with complete dentures, implants can help. They can be used to anchor a certain type of denture called an overdenture. There are also a number of alternatives to partial dentures that may be viable for you, from implants to bridges. Get in touch with our Winnipeg MB dentists today. We’ll help you make sure your oral health is at its absolute best. We’ll give you all of your options and we’ll help you decide what’s best.