Cavities and tooth decay are some of the most common oral health problems we see. A patient can have a great oral health routine and take wonderful care of their teeth, but still develop a cavity. These cavities need to be cleaned out and filled or bacteria in your mouth can make their way to the inside of your tooth, causing damage, pain, and the potential need for root canal therapy or even tooth loss. In most cases cavities do not have symptoms when they start forming, thus catching them early is important and can be done with a proper exam and X-rays, but especially if you have pain or sensitivity in your mouth. Book an appointment with our office right away and use our services to preserve your smile.

3D rendering of various dental fillings

There are a couple of different types of dental fillings available. Composite resin or white fillings are the most commonly used; they’re inexpensive and they can last a long time, if taken care of properly. These fillings maintain the natural look of your teeth, which makes them ideal for front teeth. The other filling material is amalgam which is a metal filling material. One issue with these fillings is that they’re silver-coloured due to the mix of metals they’re made up of,  which means patients might be reluctant to use them on their front teeth. That’s why you’ll generally see dental amalgam used mostly on molars.

There are a number of other options available for fillings, from gold to porcelain. Here at East Kildonan Dental, we’ll help you prevent cavities but when they occur, we’ll ask the right questions to make sure that when they’re filled, you’re happy with your smile. Get in touch with us today!