Teeth Whitening in Winnipeg

Want whiter teeth? Have discolouration that even the most thorough dental cleaning can’t clear up? Our professional teeth whitening services may be the answer.

Teeth whitening is both an art and a science. We’ll consult with you to determine the best way to whiten your teeth. Our consultation will include showing you the shades we can achieve, and discussing how they’ll look with your complexion. 

Best of all, teeth whitening is quite affordable - much more affordable than most other cosmetic dentistry! Contact us today for quality dental care! 

Veneers in Winnipeg

Don’t live in fear of smiling. Our veneers restore the look of your smile. They correct minor cosmetic imperfections, from slight misalignments to stains. Our dental veneers are a comfortable, safe, and effective cosmetic dental treatment. Let us restore the look of your teeth so you can smile with confidence again!

Dental Cleaning in Winnipeg

Regular dental cleanings do more than just improve how your teeth look. When done properly, a teeth cleaning will remove plaque and tartar both on teeth surfaces and below the gum line. This reduces your chances of having gum disease, cavities, and allows us to screen for other oral health problems, such as oral cancers.

That, in turn, can help reduce the chances of getting: Heart disease, Pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses, Diabetes and Alzeimers.

Our highly educated and trained dental hygienists offer quality dental care in a safe, comfortable environment. Your teeth will look and feel so much better when your cleaning is done - and you’ll lower your chances of getting a serious disease. Want to book a dental cleaning in Winnipeg, MB? Give us a call today!

Invisalign in Winnipeg

Have you ever wanted to get dental care to get your teeth straightened, but felt embarrassed about the prospect of getting braces? Or maybe you’re looking for minor orthodontic adjustments, and you don’t want to commit to wearing braces 24/7. Invisalign may be the product for you.
Instead of cumbersome metal braces, Invisalign offers a transparent orthodontic tool that’s almost impossible to see. No wires, no sharp metal, and no having to worry about what you can eat.

With Invisalign, you can: Remove your orthodontic device at any time, Eat what you want, Floss and brush normally, Fix many basic tooth alignment problems, including:

Emergency Dental in Winnipeg

There's never a convenient time to experience a dental emergency, and at East Kildonan Dental, we understand that. We also know that compassionate, high-quality care delivered by an experienced dental team can alleviate much of the stress and pressure associated with unexpected tooth pain, trauma, or other oral health issues. Looking for immediate Winnipeg emergency dental services? Our highly qualified and experienced team is ready to help.

Oral Surgery in Winnipeg

Whether you need a wisdom tooth extracted or you’re looking to get a dental implant, the prospect of oral surgery can be a bit frightening.

Our dentists have exceptional training in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and that means you’ll always be in extremely capable hands. 

We’ll talk you through the surgical procedure, give you full instructions on aftercare, and do anything we can to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the treatment. 

We offer a variety of different oral surgeries including:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Dental implants (including bone grafting and sinus lifts)

Think you might need a tooth extraction, implants or wisdom teeth removal? For quality dental care give us a call. 

Root Canals in Winnipeg

Back in the day, patients dreaded root canals. If that’s you, don’t worry. Dental anxiety is completely normal. And we have good news! Root canals are much easier on patients than they used to be. The procedure is straightforward, and we use local anaesthetic to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible the whole time. If you have: recurring tooth pain, a pimple below a tooth, tooth discolouration (blackening), and sensitivity to hot and cold. Then you may need a root canal. We’ll be able to tell with a simple check-up!

Dental Implants in Winnipeg

If you’re missing a tooth, and you want a long-lasting replacement that’s almost identical to a natural tooth, dental implants may be the right choice for you.

One of our dentists has a Master’s degree in Implantology. That means you can rest assured when you get your implant - you’re in excellent hands. 

TMJ in Winnipeg

Are you so stressed you’re grinding your teeth every night? Do you hear clicking and popping when you move your jaw? Is there pain on the sides of your jaw?
You may have a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders can be caused by a variety of different conditions. We can help. We’ll give you practical advice on how to treat the symptoms - things you can do at home. 

We can also give you a night guard. This can help you reduce clenching and grinding at night. As well, we can help fix any problems with your bite (called malocclusion) with composite or orthodontic intervention. So if you’re tired of jaw pain, lower jaw immobility and need quality dental care, give us a call! 

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Winnipeg

At East Kildonan Dental Group in Winnipeg, we specialize in painless wisdom teeth removal, ensuring a smooth experience from initial examination to aftercare. Wisdom teeth, often vestigial, can cause various issues like toothaches, sensitivity, orthodontic problems, jaw discomfort, cavities, and crowding. Removal is sometimes necessary, especially when they are impacted, misaligned, or cause crowding.

Our procedure includes a thorough examination with X-rays to understand the root structure, followed by the extraction using local anesthesia and optional sedatives. We employ minimally invasive techniques tailored to each case, focusing on a painless experience. The cost ranges from $200-$600 per tooth, often covered by insurance, varying with the complexity of the case.

Dental Fillings in Winnipeg

Did you crack your tooth playing hockey, even though you were wearing a mouthguard? Has stress got you clenching and grinding your teeth so badly that fractures have started to form? Do you have a cavity that you really should get around to treating? Don’t fear or fret - we’re here to help. In many cases, all that’s needed is a simple dental filling. We use a variety of different filling materials to ensure that your tooth is as strong as possible - all while affecting your smile as little as possible. In most cases, the filling won’t be noticeable by anyone but a dental professional! Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures. There’s very little discomfort, too - the tooth is numbed, any decay is cleared out, then the filling is placed, bonded, polished and shaped.

Cosmetic Procedures in Winnipeg

When you have cracked, broken, missing, or discoloured teeth, you might not be satisfied with how your smile looks. Not wanting to smile can be a painful experience.

At EK Dental clinic, we recognize the importance of a happy, healthy smile. That’s why we offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental services. In some ways, all dentistry is cosmetic. Whether we’re doing a preventive cleaning or inserting a crown, we’ll make sure the procedure helps you both look and feel your best. cosmetic dentistry includes anything that isn’t addressing an oral health problem.

The cosmetic dentistry our dental centre offers include Veneers, Teeth whitening, Cosmetic dental bonding, and Cosmetic crowns. Want a straighter smile and quality dental care? Give our clinic a call.

Tooth Extractions in Winnipeg

Tooth extractions are a common dental procedure to remove teeth that are damaged, infected, or crowding other teeth. The caring team at East Kildonan Dental will guide you through the extraction process to ensure your comfort and oral health.

Extractions are recommended when wisdom teeth are problematic, teeth undergo trauma, decay can't be repaired, root canals fail, or orthodontics require room. Benefits include relieving pain and infection, creating space for implants and bridges, and reducing crowding and risk of damage. Don't delay needed extractions. Contact East Kildonan Dental in Winnipeg to schedule your tooth extraction and improve your oral health.

General Dentistry in Winnipeg

Have a toothache that you want to get checked out? Are your gums inflamed and bleeding, and you’re worried about gum disease? Has it been awhile since your last check-up?

We can help. We offer general dentistry services in Winnipeg, MB. What is general dentistry? Well, it’s almost any dental concern you might have - from getting cavities filled to having a root canal done.

Dentistry has come a long way in the last few decades. We’ve developed tools and techniques to keep discomfort at a minimum. In most cases, you’ll be in and out in an hour or less. We offer a comfortable environment, coupled with experienced staff dedicated to patient care. Add it all together, and you have a dental centre that has patient care and comfort as their top priority. Give us a call.

Bridges & Crowns in Winnipeg

When your tooth is chipped or fractured, it can cause quite a panic. Will the tooth have to be removed? Is there any way to repair it?
These are the kinds of questions our patients often ask themselves when they experience damage to their teeth.

They’re often relieved to find out there are many ways we can repair the tooth. Even when a tooth is so damaged it can’t be repaired using filling material, we can often use a crown.Our dental centre offers crowns made from a variety of materials - usually a combination of porcelain and metals.

This gives the crown a toothlike appearance, which means you’ll be able to keep your natural, beautiful smile. Dental crowns can be used to repair broken teeth, and also for cosmetic dentistry.

Dentures in Winnipeg

When you’re missing teeth, dentures can be a viable option. 

These aren’t the dentures from the 1950s. Our partial and full dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth. That means a perfect fit, better chewing, and a longer lifespan for your dentures.

We’ll give you comprehensive instructions on how to clean and care for your dentures. We’ll also make adjustments if you need us to. With partial or full dentures, you can continue to enjoy almost identical function to when you had your natural teeth.

Interested in how dentures can help you? Need quality dental care? Give us a call.