How To Take Care Of New Dental Crowns

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Have you just received a dental crown? They’re a great solution for decayed, cracked, or discoloured teeth. Crowns are incredibly durable and can last for up to fifteen years. Whether yours is made of a metal alloy, porcelain, or ceramic, it’s important to take good care of it to preserve its longevity. You can keep them strong by following this care guide; we’ll tell you some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to new dental crowns:


Stay away from sticky foods. Soft caramels and sugary candies are delicious, it’s true - but they’re also really bad for your teeth. The pressure from chewing on these foods can damage or dislodge your newly placed crown. You should also stay away from overly hard foods like tough meat and ice. Other snacks that can damage your crown include chewing gum, raw vegetables, and nuts. 


If you grind your teeth, use a night guard. Clenching and grinding will weaken both your natural teeth and your crown. Bruxism can be treated with a mouthguard, which will protect your teeth from this intense pressure. Ask your dentist about a night guard if you are dealing with this issue. Do you play contact sports? Be sure to wear a mouthguard during these times to protect your teeth from injuries. 


Watch out for hot and cold foods. After a crown is inserted, your new tooth will be extra sensitive to temperatures. Hot soups and cold beverages can trigger sensitivity and discomfort. Try to eat foods that are at room temperature while your mouth adjusts to the new crown.


Take care of them just as you would with regular teeth. You know the way - floss and brush your teeth twice a day, which will save you from enduring the dentist’s drill. When your crown is newly inserted, your gums may be sensitive. Try using a brush with soft bristles if this is the case. Thankfully, the tap water in Winnipeg is fluoridated, which means that if you use it, you’ll be protecting your teeth against decay. Take it a step further by adding antibacterial mouthwash to your oral care routine; it goes the extra step in fighting against plaque. Neglecting your oral health can cause the tooth underneath the crown to decay. 


Don’t bite your nails! We know this habit is hard to break, but it’s time to take action. Biting your nails jeopardizes the health of all your teeth, crowns included. You should also abstain from using your teeth to open packages, as that can easily chip or even crack a tooth. Instead, use nail clippers for your fingers and scissors for packages. 

Schedule regular dentist visits. Don’t skip your semi-annual check-up - regular maintenance is the key to excellent oral health. A dentist can spot potential problems early; when a cavity starts developing, they can use a filling to fix it. This will save you from needing more crowns in the future. If you experience any issues with your crown, call your dentist right away. East Kildonan Dental offers dental crowns in Winnipeg. We’re happy to help those who need help with their crowns or would like to get one.

Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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