How Children’s Teeth Erupt & Fall Out

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Have you ever wondered what triggers the eruption and the subsequent falling out of your child’s baby teeth? Teething is a critical stage of development, and it requires your attention and care if you want your child to have a confident smile in the years ahead. 


Here’s everything you need to know about how children’s teeth erupt and how they’ll fall out as they age:

How Do Teeth Erupt? 


Did you know that children are born with a full set of primary teeth?  Around the six-month mark, most parents note that their little one is showing signs of teething. Often, the front teeth on either the top or the bottom make their way to the surface first. Roughly four new teeth appear every six months following the first teeth. Primary teeth will often finish growing in around age three. 


Their molars are usually the last teeth to surface, and kids may not get their third molars (wisdom teeth) until much later in life. 

How Do Teeth Fall Out? 


What can you expect when your child’s teeth start to fall out? The most common occurrence is that baby teeth will fall out in the same order they came in. This occurs from the ages of six to twelve, at which point almost all adult teeth will be in place. Many people wonder what exactly happens to prompt these primary teeth to fall out in place of shiny, new adult teeth. 


As your child’s jaw grows and expands, there’s more room near the root of their primary or milk teeth. With this space, the permanent tooth will have plenty of room to grow and start pushing up toward the gums' surfaces. They will take over much of the area that used to belong to the root of the baby tooth, triggering a loose tooth.


Your child can have fun wiggling that loose tooth around until it’s time for it to fall out. 


Keep in mind that it’s important to consult with a dentist if your child starts to lose teeth too soon before the age of six. This can happen if the baby teeth were not properly cared for and had cavities that prompted them to fall out sooner. An empty space in your child’s mouth may lead to placement issues as adult teeth grow in. 

Find the Right Dentist


Whether your child has their baby teeth or is starting to sprout permanent teeth, it’s crucial to make sure they get the best dental care possible for a winning smile. When you need a dental office in Winnipeg, East Kildonan Dental Group can help. We offer routine services like cleaning as well as more advanced cosmetic dentistry. Reach out to us today to see how we can help your little one! 


Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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