Healing Time For Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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Has your dentist recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed? These back molars emerge as you are well on your way to adulthood, but many people lack the space in the jaw to accommodate a new set of molars on the top and bottom. When you run out of room for these teeth, they can cause painful problems, so it’s best to have them removed. 


Learn more about what you can expect from the healing time following your extractions here:


General Recovery Times

The good news is that most people recover from their wisdom teeth extraction in much less time than they anticipate. Most of the healing takes place within the first three to four days following the procedure. If you had a unique situation where the teeth were impacted or grew in at an angle, it might take up to one full week for recovery. 


Though the wounds won’t be completely healed during this timeframe, they’re often healed enough to allow you to go back to your normal routine. As long as you avoid certain activities, you may even be able to return to your routine the day after your extraction. You’ll want to avoid exercising, smoking, spitting, and drinking from a straw. 


Tips for Healing

To help your wounds heal faster, it’s important to follow a few of these tips to minimize your discomfort and assist with the healing:


Stick to Soft Foods

You don’t want to damage your stitches or pull the blood clot off the areas where you had your extractions. One of the best ways to prevent this is to stick with very soft foods such as ice cream, smoothies, soup, or applesauce. Never drink through a straw, as this can disrupt your healing process and lead to a painful condition known as dry socket. 


Wait To Brush

For the first day or two following your wisdom teeth removal, you should avoid brushing, flossing, and gargling with mouthwash. Instead, you can rinse the mouth with a gentle saltwater solution to promote healing of the gums. 


Use an Ice Pack

One of the most significant hallmarks of having your wisdom teeth removed is the swelling that takes place in your cheeks. Keep the swelling and pain to a minimum by using ice packs on the cheeks. Always wrap your ice pack in a cloth to keep the cold from being directly placed on the skin. You also shouldn’t put the cold object directly into your mouth. Holding it to the side of the face will be sufficient.


Are You Ready for Your Wisdom Teeth Removal? 

When you’re ready for your wisdom teeth removal in Winnipeg, you need an experienced professional to handle your procedure. East Kildonan Dental Group offers oral surgery and other types of extractions to keep your smile healthy and comfortable. Reach out to us today to book an appointment for a consultation for your oral surgery!

Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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