The Benefits Of Regular Dentist Visits

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You must have heard the saying that we only take care of the teeth we want to keep. Of course, brushing and flossing your teeth are excellent ways to take care of your teeth, but visiting your dentist regularly is a crucial part of the package. You should have an oral routine check-up at least once every six months or as instructed by your dentist. Here are some benefits of seeing your dentist regularly:

Identifying underlying dental issues early enough

Many dental problems don’t cause pain until in more advanced stages. Regular visits to your dentist can help identify early signs of underlying dental issues. This way, you can start treatment early enough, when the condition is at a more manageable and less costly stage.  Examples of such diseases include oral cancer and gum disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50 percent of people over the age of 30 suffer from gum disease. Bacteria associated with this disease release toxins to the bloodstream causing harm to your overall health. Oral cancer, on the other hand, can be treated effectively when detected early enough.

Your teeth are a window to your overall health

The condition of your mouth can signal a health issue in your body. For example, gum erosion may be a result of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Receding gums, loose teeth, and lost teeth can be signs of low bone mineral density. Because dentists are trained to spot more than just cavities, they can help identify major health issues before they become untreatable.

To catch cavities and plaque early enough

It’s possible to have cavities and not even know it. Cavities that develop between the teeth can be hard to detect. Regular dental check-ups can help save teeth that would otherwise need to be removed when decay has progressed too far.

Plaque is a sticky film that forms when bacteria in your mouth build up on your teeth. If you don’t floss regularly and properly, your teeth are likely to develop plaque. If not dealt with early enough, plaque hardens and becomes tartar (a major cause of gum disease). Dental hygienists are trained to scrape off the plaque before it hardens and creates problems.

Planning early for major procedures

The cost of seeing a dentist is one reason why people postpone or skip dental visits but regular visits to the dentist could actually save you money! If you wait until you have a dental emergency to visit your dentist, you’ll likely end up with a hefty bill. When you see your dentist regularly, they can forewarn you about a dental issue that may require a major procedure. Knowing early will help you budget in advance. Your dentist can also advise you on the type of insurance coverage to buy in preparation for expensive procedures. Regular visits also help establish a great doctor-patient relationship. In the case of a dental emergency, we will always come up with a friendly payment plan for you and your family.

As a fact, preventive dentistry is far less expensive than restorative treatment.  For your routine dental check-ups or any other dental concerns, please visit our dental clinic in Winnipeg. At East Kildonan Dental Group, you’ll have a chance to interact with our team of oral experts that are fully equipped to handle a wide range of potential dental issues.

Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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