When Do You Need A Dental X-Ray?

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Dental x-rays are an important component of maintaining your oral health. These images are the only insight your dentist has into what’s going on beneath the surface of your smile. Because they’re so important, many patients wonder just how frequently they should have these x-rays taken to keep up with good oral health. 


You might be surprised to learn how frequently you really need to have x-rays taken. Take a look at when you can expect to receive a set of these images of your pearly whites under the care of a professional dentist:


Frequency of Dental X-Rays

Many dental patients wonder just how frequently they require routine dental x-rays to keep their teeth in pristine condition. It’s true that an x-ray can help your dentist pinpoint potential issues that could spell trouble for your smile. However, you may not need these pictures taken as often as you thought. 


If you have no apparent issues with your teeth, such as pain or some type of recurring condition, most patients only need to have images taken every two to three years. On the other hand, those patients who have issues with tooth decay or some types of chronic conditions may want to have them done far more frequently. In these cases, you may want to have x-rays taken one to two times each year.


Children and X-Rays

Children and adolescents may need more x-rays taken than their adult counterparts. If they have no permanent teeth yet, then they may need x-rays taken more frequently. Pediatric patients who are at high risk for tooth decay could require images taken twice each year. If they don’t have decay present, then they may only need x-rays once every one to two years. 


Adolescents (patients who do not yet have wisdom teeth) can go 18 to 36 months between x-rays if no decay is suspected. Otherwise, this age group requires x-rays about once a year. 


New Patients

Patients who are just switching to a new dentist and have not had recent x-rays taken at their previous office may require a set of x-rays. This gives your new dentist a baseline for where your teeth currently are and allows them to catch any issues that may be deeper than the surface, such as cavities or gum disease. These initial x-rays give your new dentist a good starting point for your treatment moving forward. 


Getting X-Rays From a Skilled Dental Clinic

Getting a series of x-rays to take a deeper look into your oral health is necessary from time to time. While many patients believe that they require these images multiple times each year, that is not always the case. Be sure to consult with your dentist to determine your unique needs. 


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Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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