What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

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 Dental implants are beneficial if you want to boost the confidence of your smile, and there are some real benefits to getting dental implants that go beyond mere appearances: They can also help keep your mouth in great shape for the decades ahead. From stability in your smile to reduced cavities, dental implants are definitely worth considering. 


If you’ve been thinking about getting dental implants, here are some excellent reasons to contact your local dentist today: 

Function Like Natural Teeth


Many patients are hesitant to add dental implants to their teeth because they aren’t sure what they can expect from them. The good news is that, unlike dentures, dental implants function just like your natural teeth do. You can chew, brush, and floss the same way that you used to before you had dental implants placed. 


Perhaps the best part is that your new dental implants can last for the rest of your life. This makes them a more permanent solution than a bridge. 

Prevent Bone Loss


If your jaw bone receives no stimulation in the area where your tooth is missing, deterioration is likely to occur. The first year that a tooth is missing presents significant bone loss, but it will lessen more and more over the subsequent years. As you chew with your new dental implants, you’ll be stimulating the jaw bone and preventing further loss. 


Bone loss can also create a situation where your face begins to sag and prematurely age. If the gap isn’t treated and bone loss occurs, it can form wrinkles around the mouth, create thinner lips, or even a pointed chin. Jaw bone loss speeds up the aging process on the face, which might leave you seeking out cosmetic treatments to eliminate fine lines or wrinkles. 

Keep Teeth Stable


When you have a gap in your teeth, it’s quite common for the surrounding teeth to shift to fill in the new gap. This is more than just a cosmetic issue, though. Teeth that crowd and shift into that gap can impact chewing, your bite, and more. The shift can even lead to an increase in pain or more frequent headaches. It can worsen conditions like temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ) and lead to more pain. 

Prevent Cavities


Food and bacteria can easily hide in the gaps between your teeth. A dental implant makes it less likely that these particles will come to rest between the teeth and allows you to clean them more efficiently with dental floss. In this way, you can prevent cavities in your remaining natural teeth. 

Finding a Great Dentist


Dental implants are an extremely helpful way to improve your smile and eliminate some of the issues that can stem from having a gap in your natural teeth. If you’re searching for quality dental implants in Winnipeg, East Kildonan Dental Group is here to help. Give us a call today to book your first appointment to discuss dental implants!


Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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