Qualities To Look For In A Dental Office

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Is it time to find a new dentist? Whether you need a yearly check-up or complicated dental work, you want to find an office that’s welcoming, professional, and staffed with highly experienced dentists. 

If you’ve heard horror stories about unprofessional dental offices, you may be hesitant about finding a new one. How do you make sure your oral health will be in hands you can trust?

We suggest doing a bit of research before you schedule your next appointment. Visiting a Winnipeg dental clinic with the following qualities will ensure that your experience is a positive one:


Quality Customer Service Skills

There’s a difference between a dentist who works silently on your teeth, and one who lets you choose your favourite TV channel while they clean. You know that your dentist must be well-versed in oral health, but how do they treat their clients?

Things you don’t want to deal with include a dentist who’s always late, rushes to get the job done, or is inconsiderate of your pain levels; these demonstrate a lack of professionalism. 

A dentist with strong communication skills is essential. Empathy has been shown to increase patient satisfaction. Throughout your procedure, they should ask you questions like:

  • Does this hurt or cause any discomfort?
  • How are you feeling?
  • Do you need more freezing or other adjustments?

Look for a dentist who pays attention to details, is considerate of your needs, and communicates clearly about their processes.

Patient care is an essential part of dentistry. While your hygienist or dentist may specialize in teeth, they should also be concerned about the patients they’re treating, too.


A Wide Range of Treatments

For your convenience, it’s best to get every service done at the same clinic. You wouldn’t want to visit one dentist for a filling, but have to travel elsewhere for a root canal. Instead, it’s preferable to attend the same dental office for all your procedures. This makes it easier for your dentist to access any notes about your teeth or medical history.

If you have a family, it’s more convenient if you can take everyone to the dentist in one trip, from your young children to your senior parents. Look for an office that treats patients of all ages.


Multilingual Service

Some patients feel more comfortable communicating in languages other than English. A dentist who speaks multiple languages can accommodate people from many backgrounds.

If you don’t feel like you can tell your dentist that you’re in pain, you might feel anxious throughout your treatment. A dentist who’s fluent in your first language can ease these fears. Search for an office that’s staffed by a multilingual team to make communication easier.


A Clean and Accessible Office

If your dentist can’t keep their clinic in order, how can you trust them to look after your oral health needs? You want to have your teeth cleaned in an office that’s clean, too.

Hygiene practices are particularly important in a dental office. For your health and safety, the tools your dentist uses must be cleaned and then sanitized. The reception area and treatment room should be free from dust, garbage, or items left behind by previous patients.

Not all patients can make appointments during their workdays. A clinic with accessible office hours allows you to schedule treatments on a timeline that fits your schedule. Try to find an office that also has evening or weekend hours.


If these qualities are important to you, consider calling our Winnipeg dental clinic. East Kildonan Dental Group provides a comprehensive array of services, from cosmetic dentistry to oral surgery. 


Our dentists speak Hebrew, Ukrainian, Polish, and more! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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