More Reasons Why You Should Floss

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Whenever you visit the dentist, they ask you the dreaded question: Have you been flossing? You can’t count how many lectures you’ve sat through about the importance of threading a string between your teeth every day. There are several reasons why you should floss, other than just wanting to impress your dentist:


It benefits your overall health. 

You might be surprised at how many benefits are associated with good oral health. If you neglect your teeth, you’ll be doing more harm to your body than just your ruining your smile. Health issues associated with poor dental care include diabetes, respiratory illnesses, increased risk of heart disease or stroke, and even Alzheimer’s. 


There’s something stuck in your teeth.

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of embarrassment when we look in the mirror, and discover that a piece of spinach has been wedged between our two front teeth all day. Keep a package of floss handy so that you’re prepared when you’re in a pinch. After you eat a meal, take a look at your teeth in a mirror, and tackle any leftover pieces with a string of floss. 


You’re getting ready for bed.

Face washed? Check. Hair dried? Check. Teeth flossed? Maybe not. You might be tempted to skip this step at the end of a long day, but this is the time when flossing is most important. If you neglect to floss, plaque will remain between your teeth all night, which can lead to gum disease. When you go to bed without flossing, you’re letting bacteria wreak havoc in your mouth. 


You’ll have fewer cavities.

Who doesn’t dread the sound of a dental drill? And let’s not get started on how unpleasant it can be to get a needle in your gums. Reading those sentences may have made you wince. The best way to avoid this uncomfortable procedure is to floss each day. Cavities often form between the teeth; flossing will get rid of the plaque before it causes tooth decay.


Your breath will smell better.

We’re not saying that you have bad breath—it’s just that it will smell even better if you floss every day. Our teeth are made up of several surface areas: there’s the front, the back, the chewing surfaces, and the spaces between the teeth. Your brush can reach the first three areas, but only floss can get the bacteria that’s wedged in the middle. If there’s a bit of food causing your foul breath, your best bet is to floss and brush to get rid of it. 


It makes your gums bleed.

When you pull that white string between your teeth, and it comes back red with blood, you may want to throw it in the garbage and give up. On the contrary, this means you need to floss more. Your mouth isn’t used to floss, a sign that you aren’t doing it enough. As you continue to floss, your gums will become stronger and they won’t bleed when you do it. Don’t believe us? Start flossing every day and you’ll notice a difference!


Let’s be honest: flossing isn’t glorious. If it were fun, so many people wouldn’t neglect to do it. But you know what is glorious? Keeping your teeth strong, healthy, and sparkling for a lifetime. Need a dental office in Winnipeg? EK Dental is here for you. We’ll look after your teeth and spare you the lecture on flossing; after reading this article, you’ll be one step ahead of us. 


Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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