How Often Should Children Go To The Dentist?

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Most parents do not hesitate to take their little ones to the doctor for their regular check-ups, however, they seem to hold back when it comes to taking their children to the dentist. Teeth are an important aspect of your child’s overall wellness that should not be ignored. The question is, just how often should children see the dentist? 


If you have been wondering whether it is time for your child to see a dentist, here is everything you need to know:


When Should Children Start Seeing a Dentist? 

Many parents know that dental hygiene is important for their children, but they’re not sure what age they should start seeing a dentist at. How young is too young to sit in the chair for a quick teeth cleaning? Most experts recommend that your child see a dentist before they turn one. You may want to consider taking them to the dentist around the time that their first tooth emerges. It is never too early to get them started on a lifetime of dental wellness!


How Often Should They See the Dentist? 

While most adults know they should see a dentist every six months, not everyone does. They may go just once a year or even every other year. Many people wonder whether the same standard applies to children. Some parents think that their children only need to see the dentist once a year until they are teenagers or young adults. Professionals and experts recommend a different frequency, though. 


How often should a young child see the dentist? No matter their age, it is still recommended that children see their dentist every six months. This helps ensure that they keep their teeth clean and free of plaque buildup. It also allows your dentist to note problem areas early on before they become painful. It minimizes the chances that your child will need extensive dental work later in life. Regular visits also give your dentist a chance to make referrals if your child needs braces or other dental work outside of their scope. 


Preventing Issues with Dental Hygiene

Not only do regular visits aid in preventing major dental issues down the line, but they can also help ensure your child is practicing good oral hygiene right now. A dental hygienist or dentist can easily identify areas your child is missing while brushing and flossing. They can also offer a lot of helpful advice about the right tools and tips for maintaining life-long dental health. For example, they can tell you about the best toothpaste to use and how long to brush for. If you have any dental questions, just ask your dentist!


Contact Your Local Dentist

It is never too early to get your children started with excellent dental care. Contact the friendliest dental offices in Winnipeg at East Kildonan Dental Group. We can help set your child up for long-term success and a healthy smile!


Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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