How To Care For Your Teeth During The Holidays?

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Before your holiday dinner, you promised yourself that you’d go easy on the sweets. But once you’re seated at a table full of food, your mouth starts to water. 

Everywhere you look, you see cookies, candies, and fruitcakes. And suddenly, your resolution starts to crumble. 

It’s hard to keep your teeth clean during the holidays. What can you do to prevent tooth erosion, and still enjoy this festive season? We’ve put together a few care tips for you:


Stick To Your Routine

The last month of the year tends to be the busiest. By the end of each day, you’re ready to collapse in bed. You know you still need to brush your teeth, but your bed is just so comfortable. What’s the harm in neglecting your teeth for one night?

We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s much easier to break habits than to create them. Don’t let your oral health routine fall to the wayside this holiday season. Instead, muster up that last ounce of energy you have, and brush those teeth!


Don’t Open Presents With Your Teeth!

Who doesn’t love getting a gift? It’s a thrill for children and adults alike. You’re so excited to open it that you don’t have the patience to remove the tape. Part of you wants to use your teeth to tear into that shiny wrapping paper. 

Don’t do it! It’s easy to chip, crack, or break a tooth by trying to open a package. Always reach for a pair of scissors instead.


Avoid Teeth-Staining Drinks

The holidays can be tough on your teeth. Part of that has to do with the drinks served during the festive season. It’s common to see glasses of red wine, cranberry soda, or coffee with eggnog. 

These beverages can stain your teeth and weaken tooth enamel. If you end up drinking something acidic, neutralize it by swishing your mouth with water, or eating a piece of cheese


Keep Floss In Your Bag

After you’ve enjoyed a delicious feast, it’s time to take some family photos. But it’s only after the camera clicks that you notice the piece of stuffing between your teeth. 

If you keep a small package of floss with you, you can dash to the bathroom and remove any debris. Not only will this prevent awkward photos, but it helps with your oral health, too. 


Care For Your Teeth Afterward

The holidays are a time of indulgence. Once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with trying a homemade cookie or a piece of peanut brittle. We’re willing to bet that even your dentist has a few sweets after their family dinner.

But afterward you eat, it’s important to tackle any lingering bacteria. The longer that sugar sits on your teeth, the more damage it will do. We suggest waiting 30 minutes before brushing your teeth; in the meantime, try to drink some water. 

Then, you can head to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Use gentle strokes, and be sure to scrub the chewing surfaces, too. 

The holidays are a joyful time of year for you—but not always for your teeth. With these care tips, you can avoid getting cavities in the New Year. Want to read more about oral health care? Visit our dental clinic in Winnipeg today.

Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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