5 Tips To Help Your Kids Have Healthy Teeth

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Most parents want their children to have a healthy lifestyle, and good oral hygiene is a key part of that. If you want your kids to have healthy teeth, you need to follow a few simple lifestyle choices that will set them up for early success. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or even all that challenging. Creating great routines now will set them up for lasting success. 


From regular brushing to routine dental appointments, there is always something you can do to encourage good oral hygiene and healthier teeth. Here are our top five tips to help your kids have healthy teeth:


Start Brushing Early

As soon as your little one starts teething, it’s important to teach them about brushing. Start by using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste, no more than the size of a grain of rice. As your child gets older, they can use up to a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. By starting them early, you’re teaching them the importance of dental hygiene. 


Give More Water

Instead of giving your child sugary beverages like juice, encourage them to drink more water. This helps their teeth in several important ways: It rinses away bacteria, improves saliva production, and lowers the pH of the mouth. All of these attributes lead to healthier teeth and mouths by protecting them from decay. 


No Sleeping With a Bottle

Many parents are in the habit of putting their children to sleep with a bottle, but this can cause serious damage to the teeth. The milk or juice will lay on the teeth overnight, leading to faster decay or discolouration of the teeth. These cavities can lead to fillings or even extractions. Be sure to switch to sippy cups around six months of age to keep liquids away from the teeth as well. 


Eat Healthily

Parents already know that the foods they feed their children matter, but have you considered what that means for their oral health? When kids consume lots of high-sugar foods, they linger on the teeth and can lead to decay. Try to limit sugary foods and encourage brushing after a food that’s high in sweet ingredients. Don’t forget to floss if your child has teeth that are touching as sugar can hide out in the crevices between teeth. 


Regular Dental Visits

When your child has their first birthday, they should start seeing the dentist. Small children should see the dentist twice a year. This allows your dentist to spot any potential issues early to minimize the damage that can be done to the teeth. Whether you opt for a pediatric or a general dentist, these modified visits for children are essential. 


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Article written by East Kildonan Dental

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