Ji Hun was born in Seoul, South Korea, moved to Canada in 1998, and has lived in Winnipeg since. He completed his D.M.D at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry in 2020 and his Bachelor of Science in Dentistry [B.Sc. (DENT)] research on nanoparticles and their use in dentistry.

He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and is focused on educating patients in order to improve their oral health and prevent potential disease progression. He understands that dental anxiety is very common and will often use tricks such as wiggling your cheeks to distract you and give you pain-free injections. He is interested in building a relationship with his patients so that they feel comfortable at their dental appointments and is constantly working to improve his dental skills and knowledge through continuing education courses.

He enjoys rock climbing, playing soccer, and watching movies in his spare time, and overall enjoys being as active as possible. He is also fluent in English and Korean